Association de Coopération entre le Moyen Orient et la France

جمعية التعاون بين الشرق الأوسط وفرنسا

Cooperation Association between the Middle East and France

Advancing French Engineering and Industrial Expertise in the Middle East

ACMOF is a premier association that promotes French engineering, industrial expertise, and knowledge in the Middle East. Our mission is to foster industry networking, knowledge promotion, and sector development in key areas like Electrical Interconnection, Construction, Health Safety, Sustainable Environment, and Artificial Intelligence.

Who we are ?

ACMOF is an initiative that aims to bring together individuals and companies who are committed to or interested in the future development of the Middle East. Its focus is on promoting French engineering, industrial expertise, and knowledge within the region. ACMOF concentrates on several key sectors, including Electrical Interconnection, Construction, Health Safety, Sustainable Environment, and Artificial Intelligence.
To achieve its objectives, ACMOF deploys the following approaches:

    • Consortia Formation: ACMOF sets up consortia of companies that can collaborate and work together to respond to invitations to tender or private contracts. By pooling their resources and expertise, these consortia can offer comprehensive solutions to potential projects.
    • Complex Financial Packages: ACMOF develops complex financial packages to support various projects in the specified sectors. This support can help facilitate the implementation of large-scale initiatives and boost economic development in the region.
    • Exchange of Know-How: One of ACMOF’s goals is to foster the exchange of knowledge, skills, and expertise between the Middle East and France. This facilitates mutual learning and helps both regions benefit from each other’s experiences.
    • Training Plans and Technology Transfer: ACMOF is involved in the development of training plans with technology transfer value, particularly aimed at Saudi nationals. The focus is on operational management skills to enhance the local workforce and promote sustainable development.
    • Contract Decision-Making: ACMOF possesses knowledge and expertise in decision-making methods related to securing contracts. This involves understanding the processes and strategies to secure successful business deals.
    • Payment Circuits and Regulations: ACMOF is well-versed in the payment circuits and relevant regulations in the regions it operates. This understanding helps facilitate smooth financial transactions and compliance with local laws.

Overall, ACMOF acts as a tool for reflection, collaboration, and action, bringing together various stakeholders to promote the growth and development of the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on the mentioned sectors and the transfer of French knowledge and expertise

Our missions :

Helping  partner companies to participate in and win calls for tender or private contracts, from start to finish in the decision-making process.

Setting up joint ventures or partnership agreements involving local and foreign companies all around the 19 countries of the Arab League.

Assistance with applications for approval and compliance with local regulatory standards, and also Follow-up of all administrative and legal tasks.

Promoting interest groupings, which bring together companies to carry out a joint operation for a contract or project.

Promoting the introduction of financial tools to give partner companies a competitive edge.

Helping partner companies to set up in the Middle East, and search for local or regional subcontractors.

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