Industrial projects

The Association for Cooperation between the Middle East and France is involved in three areas:

  1. It helps to bring to the Middle East delegations of French professionals interested in environmental issues, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, energy, recycling, knowledge of hazardous materials, etc.
  2. Support for business start-ups
  3. It organises training sessions focusing on the following tasks :
    • General presentation on the change in the economic model, particularly in Saudi Arabia, and the consequences for European companies;
    • Presentation on the challenges of development in the Middle East.
    • Markets: strategies and prospects;
    • The legislative and regulatory framework;
    • The main market players;
    • The aid framework (PIF (Saudi Arabia), etc.);
    • Smart city projects;
    • The role of eco-businesses.
François de La Chevalerie

François de La Chevalerie

Chairman of ITGIUM