Internal rules

It was adopted by the General Meeting of the Association de Coopération entre le Moyen Orient et la France – ACMOF on 30 May 2023 held in plenary session at 6, rue Jean Goujon, Paris VIIIème.

Article 1 – Approval of new members.

All new members must be sponsored and presented by four members of the association, including at least two members of the Board of Directors, prior to their approval.

The candidate must submit an application including the following elements:

– a letter of motivation ;

– ten references/network ;

– a project and/or initiative that could be led by the Association.

On the basis of these elements and after a due diligence investigation, the candidate is approved by the Board of Directors acting unanimously.

The Board of Directors shall decide on applications for admission at each of its meetings.

Article 2 – Resignation – Exclusion – Death of a member

Resignations must be sent to the Chairman of the Board of Directors by registered letter.
The resigning member must state the reasons for his/her resignation.

The exclusion of a member may be decided by
the Board, for serious reasons, based on the following elements :

– non-participation in the association’s activities ;

– a criminal conviction for a felony or misdemeanour;

– any action likely to be prejudicial, directly or indirectly, to the Association’s activities or reputation;

– any action leading to the use of information provided within the framework of the association and its use for personal purposes and/or for the benefit of a competitor, whether or not within the framework of a project supported by the Association.

In any event, the person concerned must be given the opportunity to present his/her defence before the decision to exclude is taken.

The decision to expel a member shall be adopted by the Board of Directors acting by a two-thirds majority of the members present.

In the event of the death of a member, the heirs or legatees may not claim to remain a member of the association.
The subscription paid to the Association is definitively acquired, even in the event of resignation, exclusion or death of a member during the year.

Article 3 – General Meetings – Voting procedures

Voting by the members present is organised either physically or by means of a vision conference.
Members present vote by a show of hands.

However, a secret ballot may be requested by the Board by a unanimous decision of its members.

Proxy votes
If a member of the Association is unable to attend a meeting in person, he/she may be represented by a proxy by presenting a “single dated and signed proxy mandate” referring to a single duly dated meeting.


The amount of the annual subscription is decided for each financial year by the Board of Directors by unanimous vote of its members.

Article 5 – Reimbursement allowances

Only directors and/or elected officers may claim reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course of their duties, subject to justification.

If necessary, they may donate them to the association with a view to a reduction in income tax (art. 200 of the CGI).

Article 6 – Working committees.

Working committees may be set up by decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 7 – Amendments to the internal regulations

The present internal regulations may be amended by the Board of Directors or by the Ordinary General Meeting, both by unanimous vote of its members.