ACMOF’s general mission is to help partner companies to participate in and win calls for tender or private contracts, from start to finish in the decision-making process.

It does this in the following ways:

  1. By promoting interest groupings, which bring together companies to carry out a joint operation for a specific contract or project.
  2. By promoting the introduction of financial tools to give partner companies a competitive edge in their market penetration efforts.
  3. By helping partner companies to set up in the Middle East, by carrying out the following tasks:
    • Legal interface in the country, either in the form of a representative office or by supporting a local structure set up by the partner company;
    • Setting up joint ventures or partnership agreements involving local and foreign companies;
    • Assistance with applications for approval and compliance with local regulatory standards;
    • Follow-up of all administrative and legal tasks;
    • Search for local or regional subcontractors.