Executive Members


Industrialist. 40 years’ experience, international Middle East expert, environmental project management, senior energy expert, Chairman of Green Power

General DIDIER L’HÔTE, Vice-Chairman

A Saint Cyrien and officer in the prestigious Marine Corps, Major General Didier L’HÔTE retired from active service after having been involved in virtually every external operation in which France was present, and after having commanded the UN Forces for almost 4 years in Côte d’Ivoire. Well-versed in complex negotiations, with a thorough knowledge of foreign armies and defence-related companies, he spent his last fifteen years serving internationally on 3 continents.

Doctor MICHEL FURIA, Vice-Chairman

Renowned eye surgeon. Creation of the Clinique Roosevelt, ENT and Ophthalmology Medical and Surgical Centre, Expert in ocular surgery to Court of Appeal of Paris.

MRS. CAROLINE GAO, Vice-Chairwoman

Head of Chinese state-owned companies, expertise in China-Africa networks



Chairman of a number of companies, member of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation (former member of the 2000/2005 Board of Directors), columnist for Les Echos and China Daily.

Mr ZAYDANE SADIKI, Deputy General Secretary

Director of financial operations, expert in European Union financial regulations, standards and procedures, assignments: setting up complex financial packages, long-term valuation of assets/companies, valuation of patents, etc.

Chairman of Fintelegencia.

Mr GILLES FIORE, Treasurer

IT engineer, Chairman of an IT company
25 years’ entrepreneurial experience in business strategy and digital marketing consultancy.
He has led technological innovation projects (development of concrete solutions, project management) in the fields of artificial intelligence and trusted cybersecurity.

Mr FIRAS MOUSTAFA, Advisor to the Chairman,

Expert in international relations and humanitarian projects. Over 13 years with the United Nations in the Middle East.
Project consultant for numerous international organisations in Iraq such as UNESCO, BRITISH COUNCEL, CARE INTERNATIONAL,
– Diplomat, Iraqi Embassy in Paris, University Professor (International Law, Constitutional Law, Administration, Commerce, …)
– Logistics consultant for numerous French companies for their activities in Iraq (MC France Export, BARDAHL, BASF, CREA IN PULSE, 01 INNOVATION)
– Manager and partner of Iris Expansion Company).

Mr ALEKSANDAR LE COMTE, Advisor to the Chairman

Special Financial Digital (NFT) Advisor to the Chairman (Geneva, Switzerland). External Political and Legal Advisor to a European Government. Geopolitical Analyst and Drafter of State Contracts. Responsible for information exchange and official communiqués. Acquisition of solutions for partnerships with international private groups. Co-founder of the first Telecom trading platform via satellite internet (London Satellite Exchange). Company director in the development of property promotion programmes and transactions for the reconstruction of countries.

Mr SHADY KOOSA, Advisor to the Chairman

Born in 1975 in Aleppo, Syria, to a family that has worked in industry and commerce since 1939. Diversified investments in agriculture, the textile industry and a branch specialising in trading.

Mr MAHMOUD AL RASHED, Advisor to the President

Mahmoud Al-Rashed is a French-Syrian writer and journalist. He writes for numerous newspapers in Europe and the Gulf and has published over three thousand articles on politics and strategy.

Mr MAJED NEHMÉ, Advisor to the Chairman

Franco-Syrian journalist, researcher and publisher. Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and master’s degree in epistemology from Lyon 2 University. Has edited numerous journals. Author of hundreds of research papers in political science and numerous collective books. Currently director and founder of
2A magazine in Paris.

Mr CHRISTIAN STOFFAES, Advisor to the Chairman

Christian Stoffaes is a French engineer and economist who spent his career at the Ministry of the Economy and Électricité de France. Born in 1940, he is Chairman of the Société des majors de l’École Polytechnique et du Corps des Mines.
He is also a graduate of Sciences Po and has a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University. An expert on energy and industrial policy issues, he has taught economics at the Institut d’études politiques and the Universities of Paris-Dauphine and Paris-Panthéon-Assas, and is Chairman of CEPII, the Centre d’études prospectives et d’économie internationale, a department attached to the Prime Minister. At the Ministry of Industry, he was Director of Studies and Forecasting, Director of the Electronic and Computer Industries, Economic Adviser to the Minister, Chairman of the
of the Institut d’Histoire de l’Industrie. At EDF, he was Director of the Inspectorate General, Director of Foresight and International Relations, and Advisor to the Electricity Transmission Network. He is the author of several books and official reports, most recently on the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), Europe’s gas security and the strategic Euro-Arab gas pipeline project.