François de la Chevalerie

François de la Chevalerie

General Secretary

ACMOF brings together personalities and companies, all committed to or motivated by the future of the Middle East.
With the aim of promoting French engineering, industrial fabric and knowledge, ACMOF is a tool for reflection, union and action(s) focusing on the following sectors: Electrical Interconnection, Construction, Health Safety, Sustainable Environment and Artificial Intelligence.

To this end, ACMOF is deploying the following approaches:

  • Setting up consortia of companies to respond to invitations to tender or private contracts;
  • Developing complex financial packages to support projects;
  • Contributing to the exchange of know-how and skills between the two geographical areas;
  • Development of training plans with technology transfer value for Saudi nationals, particularly in the area of operational management;
  • Knowledge of decision-making methods for obtaining contract(s);
  • Knowledge of payment circuits and related regulations.